Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blueberry Cheese Layer Cake

I was overconfident when I tried to make this blueberry cheese layer cake.    This is not a new recipe, I only made some modifications to one of my old recipes.  I didn't expect it turned out so disappointing!  What went wrong?

I think... first, I cut too much of the sugar amount, the previous recipe in fact was already not sweet, with this further cut, it became very flat.    

  • Lesson learned:  just keep the same amount of the sugar or increase a bit more if the blueberries are too sour.
Second, I put too many flesh blueberries this round.  As we know, blueberries usually are quite sour, I was too lazy to cook to puree. I just placed them over the sponge cake and cover with cheese frosting. Given that both the spongecake and cheese frosting were mild in sweetness, the sourness of the blueberries became very tangy and sharp.  

  • Lesson learned: Add some sugar to the blueberries, cook as puree and mix with cheese frosting before spreading onto the sponge cake.  If not, omit the blueberries, just spread with the cheese frosting.

Third, this cake by nature is on the dry side, not like Chiffon cake which is moister.  I used to slice the cake into 3 pieces and spread them with cheese frosting but this round, I only sliced them into 2.   With such a thickness of sponge cake, it seemed further induced the dryness into the cake. 

  • Lesson learned:  brush a layer of syrup to moist the cake.  If not, slice into 3 pieces.
Forth, I used two 6" pans for 5 large eggs recipe.  Despite lowing the baking temperature to 170*C-160*C, the cakes still cracked on top.  I believe the pan size was too small.

  • Lesson learned:  use two 7" cake pans instead.

With all these wrong doing, how could I expect the cake to turn out good?  :<

Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way.     
Al Franken

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