Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Collection of Chinese New Year Cookies for 2017

I can't say I baked a lot this year for Chinese New Year  but it's quite a variation of the cookies.  Beside the two old recipes (Almond cookies and Pineapple Tarts), this year I also tried quite a number of new recipes, these were were highly recommended by the baking community.  However, what I find is that these new cookies though are not bad, they are not as good as the two cookies that I baked every year.  Before I forget what I did for this year,  I would like to consolidate them in a post for easy reference.   The cookies below are listed in order of my preference.

1.  Almond Cookies  - 4 recipes
This cookie has never failed me every year.  It's simple but yet very fragrant and addictive.   This can be consumed by the vegan as long as the egg white is eliminated.  For people who don't like Almond taste, they will not appreciate.  I guess it all boils down to individual preferences.

2.  Pineapple Tarts - 6 recipes
I can't say this is the best recipe but this is my most satisfied recipe for Pineapple tarts.  It's buttery, fragrant and melt in your mouth.  I did a small batch with homemade pineapple jam, I must admit that the cooking of the jam really takes time but the effort is well paid off.  
3.  Butter Cookies - 3 recipes plus 1 more with Matcha variation
This becomes one of my favorite cookies.   I believe I will bake often since it'a all time favorite item.   Between the original version and the Matcha's, I still prefer the formal. 

4.  Air Fried Crab Stick Cracker - 2 packs
It's very addictive.   If using oil to fry, it'll save a lot of time since I can fry all at one go.  Using Air flyer is taking more time as each time, I could only airfly a small portion.  

5.  Hazelnut White Coffee Cookies - 1 recipe
Using the Hazelnut white coffee, it doubles up the sweetness. If I plan to bake it next year, I think I will change to black coffee powder (without sugar) instead.   

6.  Meringue Cookies (Kisses) - 1 recipe
Same as all the CNY cookies bakers, we need to find ways to get rid of the egg whites.  Meringue cookies is one of the good options.  It tasted like candy floss and reminded me my childhood day.  It just melts in your mouth the moment you pop in but it's quite sweet, hence, it's not something I can eat too many.
7.  Porkfloss Cookies - 1 recipe
I had very high expectation when I tried to bake this cookie since it's highly recommended.  The turnout was not bad, something new which worth to try.

8.  Cassava Cheese Cookies - 2 recipes
My first bite was great, it was milky, cheesy and melt in your mouth but the cheese favor was overpowering, that deterred me from eating again. A further cut of Parmesan cheese (50% of original recipe) is needed.   Due to 100% of tapioca flour used, the cookie was very powdery.  I think a mixture of some plain flour will be needed.  
9. Salted Egg Yolk Cookies - 1 recipe
Probably it's just me,  I can't appreciate this recipe.   I felt like eating steam salted egg yolk.  However, some of my friends who tried do love this cookie.

10.  Almond Crisp - 1 recipe
This recipe is not bad but it's not as crispy and fragrant as I thought.  It was my first time baking this, I could be not using the right technique and step.  

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