Thursday, July 18, 2013

M. I .A

I was missing in action for a while as I find myself no longer able to keep up this blog. Initially, I wanted to shut down my blog totally but after second thought, I think there are many good recipes which I think I should continue to share.  

Life is another new chapter for me after my old domestic helper left.  On top of work, I have to juggle with my new helper and my mum who just completed a knee operation. I used to be a very "let go" person, left all the household chores, grocery buying and cooking to my old domestic helper.  However, with her behaviour and attitude deteriorating, I think it's time to change, and I should not overly rely on helper anymore.

Entering into this new chapter, I become busier but  I think I'm happier and more fulfilling.  Thing is more in order at home, all the clothes are ironed and returned to wardrobe much faster,  the house is clearer and neater, most importantly, more food are served at dinner than before. 

Taken control of kitchen and food means I can decide what food I should buy, what dinner I should cook,  although sometimes it can bog me down, as long as my family enjoying the meal, I'm happy.    In this new chapter, I realized, in fact, cooking is as interesting as baking as long as the cleaning/washing up part is taken care by someone.  I think this is a good opportunity I should to take advantage, I should try to master my cooking skill.  Moreover, come to realize, cooking is easier than baking because if the food is tasteless or uncook, I can always remedy it along the way or before serving.  

Not sure why I have the mood today to blog and share my thought, probably, I have good mood as my mother is recovering much faster than expected.  Although I lost touch of blogging, I'm very active in facebook sharing daily photo with my friends.  I captured every dish I cooked as it's good to keep this as collection of memory.  I will find some time to post the recipes of some of the delicious dishes in due course. Hopefully, it will not take too long :)


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