Monday, June 4, 2012

The 2012 Mother's Day Collection

Sorry for this long overdue post.  Mother's day has passed a few weeks, yet I still struggle to put this post up! Why?  I had been very busy during the mother's day period as I was busy with cake baking for mother's day plus the mother's celebration and gatherings to attend.  Thereafter, I left for a trip to China - Guangzhou, Lijiang and Guilin.  Therefore, I was left with no opportunity to update my blog since there is no access to blog in China.

Usually, we started celebrating the mother's day with my mum as we don't like to join the crowd.  We brought forward the celebration two weeks ahead.  

We went to Seafood Paradise restaurant for lunch.  The food was so yummy and we all enjoyed.

I made a durian cream cake for my mum as I know it's her favorite. I believe she was overjoyed!

Next was for my mum in-law.  Given that my father in-law's birthday is only a week apart, we normally celebrate mother's day and their birthdays together.  I made a chocolate fudge cake for my mum-in-law and a durian cream cake for my father-in-law.  Durian cream cake is always a must for this party since it's the majority's favorite. 

Considering about the inconvenience to my father-in-law as he has some physical movement problem, each of the family would buy some foods back.   It seemed that we always made a wrong estimation as everyone just bought the extra and it ended up with a lot of food and everyone had to overstuff.
Although it's just a simple gathering, I believe it brought a lot of happiness to both my mum and father in-laws.  Happy birthday to both of them!

Last was my turn!  My daughters insisted on bringing me out for lunch during the mother's day week.  In fact, I told them to skip since there were so much eating in the past few weeks.  Given of their sincerity, I didn't want to disappoint them,  we went to a simple dim sum lunch.  Although the food wasn't very fantastic, their company and their love are what I most appreciated. 

Here is a small gift given by my daughters.  I was so touched when I received!!  Thank you, my two beloved daughters! I love you too!


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