Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Chinese New Year Cookies

Since after a week of Christmas/ New Year break, I am back to the busy work routine.   With the Chinese New Year coming, I realized that I have over worked myself as I devoted so much time in baking New Year cookies during the Friday nights and weekends. Gosh!  I think I have not been having enough sleep since New Year, my conference calls normally ended midnight or past midnight and on the Friday night and weekends, I was busy trying to churn out as many cookies as possible, by the time I finished, it was already very late.   I'm glad that finally, I have finished all the bakings for the Chinese New Year and I could have an early rest tonight!

What did I bake this year? Some are my favorite old recipes, a couple are the new one.  I should let the pictures to do all the talking as I am too tired to write ... 
 Here you go..
(1) Cornflake Cookies - Old recipe, it's one of my favorite cookies, very yummy! Score 4.5/5.  

 (2) Peanut Cookies - New recipe adopted from 孟兆慶.  Good try but not to my liking. Score 3/5.

(3) Almond Cookies - Old recipe, my best favorite cookies.  Must try! Score 5/5.

(4) Pineapple Tarts -Old recipe, one of my favorite cookies.  Very yummy!  Score 4.5/5. 

(5) Peanut Butter Cookies - New recipe adopted from Come Dine with Leny with some modification, very tasty.  Score 4/5.

(6) Melt-in-mouth German Cookies - New recipe adopted from Small Small Baker. Not to my expectation but good try.  Score 3/5.

(7) Cashew Nut Cookies - New recipe adopted from My Kitchen Snippets, quite tasty but I still prefer my old recipe. Score 3.5/4.

I will post the new recipes soon.  Stay tuned.


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