Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vacation@Taiwan Part 4 - Cingjing Farm at Nantou

Here, I come!  My dream holiday destination - Cingjing Farm!   Wow... a charming castle just appeared in front of me!  How nice if I could stay in this hotel forever ... This hotel was featured in many of the travel documentary programs and highly recommended but you must be prepared to splurge.   Although we didn't book into The Old England, I planned to spend an afternoon for a English tea there ...

Day 6 - Cingjing Farm
  • Finally, we arrived Misty Villa which was the resort we would be staying in Cingjing Farm.    This resort although is not as luxury as The Old England, it's pretty comfortable and value for money.  It was strategically located at the heart of the town, very near to Starbucks, 7 Eleven and many eateries, therefore, it's very convenience as compare to other resorts.
  • The room we stayed was spacious with a balcony overlooking spectacular cloud formation and a scenic view of the mountain. So shiok! We felt like we were living in the heaven ...:P
  • Misty Villa served very decent breakfast which had a combination of Asian and Western foods,  although it's simple, we had no complaint. 
  • After breakfast, we hesitated for a while on whether to visit Green Green Grassland as it was raining.  At last, we decided to go  despite of the rain. Green Green Grasslands is the most popular place in Cingjing Farm.  The weather was erratic during our visit, the rain came and stopped, if not because of the bad weather, I believe we could capture very stunning photos. 
  •  To get close to the sheep for photo taking, we bought some food. With the food on hand, it really worked, many of them came so close to us. Feeding sheep was fun and and amazing!
  • There were many other attractions in Green Greem Grasslands but because of the rain, it deterred us from exploring. Many of the animal performances/ shows had been cancelled as well. Sigh! Such a disappointing day! 
  • At one stage, it was raining pretty heavily, we had no choice to hide under a shelter for more than 30 mins.  Luckily, the rabbits there were cute enough to kill our time.  My daughter seemed to enjoy very much playing with them. 
  • We waited for the rain to stop before we headed to Swiss Garden.  With the wet weather, the place was very misty, we had to wait for the fog to go away before we could take some decent shots.  The garden in fact is quite small, I don't think it's beathtaking as claimed by some of the travel bloggers.  Perhaps we didn't come at the right season!? Anyway, I shall let the pictures to do all the talking.

Wow! We entered into this restaurant which all the furniture were made of the carton board ...Carton King, it's amazing and interesting!  The restaurant was well decorated and I would say the food was yummy!

Stayed tuned for next chapter in Cingjing Farm ...


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